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Social performance simplified with Insite

Long term business success requires sensitivity towards and alignment with the requirements of robust environmental sustainability, social performance management and transparent governance practices (ESG).

The richness and integrity of data inform better decisions, the ability to measure shared value, and the understanding of the permanent consequences of actions and activities. For many organisations, however, the systems and processes to collect and validate data are insufficient for accurate and reliable social performance reporting. While the quality of your data is paramount, true business intelligence is derived from the integration of diverse data sources to achieve valuable insights.

Learn more about our approach to digitising your social performance data and help you turn your social performance plan into measurable results.

Our social performance methodology underscores Insite’s functionality

Data Driven Insights

Insite extracts your social performance data from your payroll, training, and procurement systems to establish the baseline, which enables you to set targets, plan, and implement strategies. The return on investment in Insite is from day one. 

Insite utilises machine learning algorithms to analyse the quality and completeness of your datasets. Enabling you to manage the quality of your data through the Insite Data-Matrix report, data quality dials present at each report as well as the unique drill down functionality. Let Insite help you take control of your data today.

Key features of Insite

Insite is currently deployed in extractive industries, civil engineering, construction, as well as any firm with a social performance program. Insite offers end to end automation in social sustainability data across Human Resources, Training, Procurement, and Community Development. As a centralised platform, the Insite solution ensures social performance is managed efficiently and effectively through the integration of transformation objectives and compliance requirements.

Insite has four modules, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE), Social and Labour Plan, Mining Charter Score Card (MCSC) and Management Insights; which combines to provide an integrated social performance implementation management and social compliance reporting tool. Each of the modules can be bought separately or as an integrated package.

Insite Modules

With our new integrated B-BBEE module, you can set up a system that monitors progress against your score during the course of the year, enabling users to closely track progress and risk areas in their business. The various management reports, graphs and dashboards make it easier for our clients to transparently communicate their progress against key deliverables to internal and external stakeholders.

Find out more about Insite’s B-BBEE module here >

A Social and Labour Plan (SLP) is an instrument for achieving transformation in the mining sector by linking each Mining Right to key social performance requirements for the workforce, suppliers and mining host communities.

Insite enables our clients to capture the targets and commitments for a full five year SLP period in a cloud based platform. Reporting against the targets are made possible through the automation of data flows from payroll, procurement and training systems for the mining right holder as well as qualifying core contractors. Automating reporting through validated data and enabling our clients to have access to progress reports through dashboards and DMRE aligned tables.

The MCSC Module in Insite is aligned to the DMRE regulations of 2018, with each of the reporting categories outlining all the implementation reporting requirements and the element scorecard. The results of each element scorecard combines in the final MCSC score per mining right holder. By utilising selections on the entity tree structure, users can roll the results up of various operations to produce a companywide score on aspects such as diversity, inclusion, procurement etc which can further inform additional reporting requirements in ESG, GRI etc.

The management insights module is our core Insite module and is included in any reporting modules sold (MCSC, SLP, B-BBEE). Management insights include additional dashboards, tables and information on your workforce, training initiatives and procurement trends that enable our clients to make critical decisions that will positively impact their stakeholders and result in business sustainability. For example, in the Human Resources reporting category, our Insite clients have an improved understanding of their workforce educational levels, age categories and occupational levels. These can be used to develop career development pathways that will address risks associated with an ageing workforce and align with the educational levels of employees. The detailed reporting on the race and gender information of all training initiatives gives our clients a much broader understanding of the level of inclusivity built into their development programmes and the impact these programmes have on the representation of a diverse workforce across all occupational levels. Within our procurement reports, our clients have numerous dashboards and reports enabling them to understand their spending trends, such as their local spending, top suppliers, and movement of spend between Generic, QSE, and EME-listed suppliers, to name but a few.  

Empower your management team with key insights, enabling better decision-making and effective implementation of your social performance strategy. A robust implementation plan and strategic insights into your data and progress against your commitments will enable you to meet your compliance requirements whilst maintaining your Social License to Operate.

Reporting Categories

Easily report on your preferential procurement results through Insite’s expenditure reports. View progress on preferred suppliers, local expenditure and related trend reports using a variety of filters and dashboards. Use your Insite supplier database to keep track of your suppliers’ details and host relevant documents online.

Insite automatically generates the various implementation reports and scorecards aligned to the selected modules – Mining Charter Scorecard, B-BBEE and Social and Labour Plans using one source of the truth.

To improve and deliver on your social performance commitments, you need to know and understand your people, both your employees and members of your community. Insite transforms your payroll data into workforce information that enables a variety of resource planning and reporting dashboards. By using Insite’s unique database structure and analytical tools, you will improve your understanding of the impact you’re having on your local community through recruitment, training, career development and community development initiatives. You can select either the National or Provincial EAP statistics to ensure your employment equity and skills development planning & reporting is representative of the various population groups and aligned to regulatory reporting requirements.

Integrate your compliance through automation to generate your Mining Charter Scorecard, B-BBEE and Social and Labour Plans using one source of the truth.

Align the organisation’s training & skills development plans to achieve the greatest social sustainability impact to compliance requirements. Through Insite you can easily plan & track multiple training program interventions against your workforce enhancement programs and measure and manage the cost of training and the impact on stakeholders. The module tracks the implementation and associated costs of training interventions that will enable the development of Historically Disadvantage People (HDP) to benefit from career opportunities. These opportunities are available for employees and people not directly employed by the company that benefits from training opportunities sponsored by the company.

Insite’s Community Development Module is designed to capture data related to development projects in communities and to facilitate good governance and effect corporate social investment expenditure. The module enables users to develop detailed implementation plans with key milestones, actions, project teams and budgets aligned to specified timeframes.

Community development, CSI and Economic and Supplier development project delivery can be easily tracked as progress achieved (time and budget spent against key deliverables or milestones) is uploaded and graphically displayed.

The development of intergenerational wealth is fostered through ownership of assets such as property, business rights and the like. The focus of black person’s ownership of assets and enterprises must reflect genuine participation in decision-making at board, executive management and operations levels, and the assumption of actual risk. As such, the Ownership element considers the extent to which ownership interests, such as Voting Rights and Economic Interests, in a measured entity, are held by Black people and by Black Women specifically, as well as the extent to which ownership interests are unencumbered by debt, referred to as Net Value. 

Insite outlines and reports on the various elements of the ownership scorecard in which shares or parts of shares can be used in calculating a score. There are two sets of rules, one for voting right calculations and one for economic interest calculations. The inclusion or factored inclusions are reflected in the voting right and economic interest shareholders tables.

Social and Labour Plan (SLP) Module
Human Resources Reporting

Streamline the collection and validation of your social sustainability data

Key benefits of Insite

Data Matrix Tool

Improve your organisation’s data integrity using Insite’s cutting edge Data-Matrix tool which enables you to easily determine the quality and completeness of your data across various reporting categories.

Trust Every Report Every Time

Drill-Down Functionality

Make your next DMRE/B-BBEE audit a breeze using Insite’s easy-to-use drill-down functionality. Just select any value to see how information and figures are compiled at base data level..

Achieve Transparent Reporting

Organisation Structure

Manage different business units/branches or contractors by selecting and deselecting their information. Consolidate all structures to garner a global view of progress, risks and opportunities for improvement.

A Central Platform

Risk Management

Effectively manage your compliance risk in human resources, training and procurement data using a variety of tools and dashboards to measure trends, progress against targets and Social Performance risks.

Pro-Actively Manage & Mitigate

Data Consolidation

Traditional business silos are bridged to give social performance practitioners and executives a view across the whole organisation, leading to greater awareness and coordination between divisions and locations..

Intelligence Through Integration

Document Management System

Access a centralised database that hosts all social performance related documents, enhancing your ability to audit and track source data and supporting documentation.

Ease of Access to Information

Some of our clients using Insite to simplify their social performance data management

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